Jarvis and Farquhar names to be recognised


• The council has proposed to name the Bridport western access road in honour of the late Barry Jarvis.

The Dorset Council has proposed that the newly constructed access road on the western entrance to Bridport be named “Barry Jarvis Link Road”, and an access street off George Street in Scottsdale be named “Peggy Parade”.
The western access road is scheduled for sealing in November this year and General Manager Tim Watson said it is appropriate that Council determine a name for the road in time for the official opening.
“Given the strategic importance of the road and the time it has taken to bring it to fruition it is an excellent opportunity to recognise the contribution of a community member by naming the road in their honour. In this respect, it is being recommended that the road be named in honour of the late Mayor Barry Jarvis,” he said in a briefing paper.
Mr Watson said that Barry Jarvis had been a strong voice for the community when confidence needed to be restored in 2011-12.
“In this context, it is an opportune time to recognise Barry’s contribution to the North East community in what was likely the most challenging times this community has ever been through and hopefully will ever have to go through,” Mr Watson said.
The name “Peggy Parade” fulfills a promise made to the late Bert Farquhar by the Northbourne Park Association after it was offered land at a nominal price by Mr Farquhar, that a street name be named in his wife’s honour.
“Peggy Parade” will be the main entrance into Northbourne’s new development.