Feel-good project for fleecy orphans


• One of the woolly beneficiaries of this charitable program.

By Daisy Baker
July 24, 2019

Scottsdale resident Pam Bowland has recently embarked on a project from the heart, knitting jumpers to help keep orphaned lambs warm over winter.
Several weeks ago she began making the jumpers which she is donating to Roberts and they are in turn giving them away to local farmers when they come in to buy formula for the orphans.
Ms Bowland said similar projects have been done in other states and countries, but this is the first to her knowledge in Tasmania.
“I would love for Scottsdale to be the first town in the state to get on board,” she said.
“It can get very cold here and while it’s natural for sheep to be outside, it’s not natural for them to be orphans – they’re supposed to get warmth from their mothers.
“These jumpers can easily be slipped over a lamb’s head and legs while they’re being bottle fed.”
Working from a pattern found in Woman’s Day, the jackets take on average a ball of wool and a day of knitting to complete.
“I’m making two slightly different ones - one for the boys and one for the girls – and the underneath of the boys’ is a little bit shorter so they don’t wet it,” she said.
“People have brought up the negatives like they’ll get wet if it rains and they won’t dry but we’re making the jumpers out of acrylic so this isn’t the case.
“This is just a feel-good project to help the orphaned lambs.”
Ms Bowland said she has done hand craft for many years and previously worked as a machinist, making clothes on Little Colin Street in Melbourne.
Ms Bowland is looking for crafty members of the community to pitch in and help with the project.
She will be running a craft group at the Scottsdale Library every Wednesday from 10am-1pm for anyone who would like to come and make one.
Knitters of all levels are welcome, all you need is one ball of 8-ply acrylic wool or scraps and size 4.5 knitting needles.
Patterns will be available from the Library and volunteers who would prefer to make a jumper from home are welcome to do so.
Ms Bowland said she hopes the farmers who receive the jumpers donate a ball of wool so the project can continue on with minimal cost to the volunteers.
Ms Bowland said she would like to make as many as she can by August and if they are popular, she may start making them earlier next year.
Contact Pam for more information 0400 527 450.