Dragon Wagon given green light


• A planning application for a mobile food van and deck at 47 George and Alfred Street Scottsdale was approved on Monday night.

By Taylor Clyne,
August 21, 2019

An aesthetically displeasing mobile food van on George Street Scottsdale has been given the green light for operation by Councillors in what was a dubbed a ‘vote with the head and not the heart’ motion.
The planning application was presented to Council on Monday night after the occupier of the property Mark Burns put forward his proposal to commence a mobile food service from the van and subsequently construct a deck in front of it.
Three representations were received during the advertisement period of which seventeen issues were raised, resulting in five mandatory conditions placed in the planning permit presented.
Cr Leonie Stein said she personally did not agree with it at all,
“Even if it’s right on every planning level its wrong on every Council one.
“I think it’s taken the whole food van policy to the absolute extreme, it’s a way of operating under the easiest possible way of getting a food license and having a business without having to go through everything that everyone else has to,” she said.
Cr McLennan questioned the actual mobility of the van,
“The tow bar is facing the wrong way to the road; how would you get it out? Are there any provisions on when it needs to be moved?”
Whilst Cr Murray Lade asked if there were any stipulations on having to make it look better,
“Let’s face it it’s an eye sore at the moment,” he said.
Town Planner Thomas Wagenknecht said that Council has looked into it but currently the health standards don’t require a provision for that.
Mr Wagenknecht recommended that the operation be passed subject to the construction of three car parking spaces at the expense of the applicant, basis of approval, usage limitations including a motor vehicle registration at all times, waste material storage, business hours only Monday – Sunday 7am-8pm (closed public holidays) and all food and license inspections.
Mayor Greg Howard said Councillors were bound by their responsibilities as a planning authority even though there are some resistance to the aesthetic appeal of the proposal. 
“All of the conditions in the planning permit have to be completed before the business can start to trade, plus the van will need an inspection and food license issueed, along with at least $10,000 spent on the three car spaces – it’s a reasonable vigorous process,” he explained.
“Conditions will be added to the permit if the owner would like to put a sign up or make the deck a ‘dining experience’ – currently all operations will be restricted to the property boundary.”
The planning application was unanimously passed by all Councillors.
Cr Jan Hughes declared an interest and left the room.