Casey home ahead of time


• Burn victim Marcus Casey with his wife Mandi at their home in Scottsdale.

By Taylor Clyne,
August 21, 2019

Just two weeks after suffering horrific burns to 12 per cent of his body Marcus Casey has returned home to Scottsdale, three weeks ahead of medical experts’ expectations.
On Sunday August 4 Mr Casey was burning off some rubbish when things took a turn for the worse, landing him in the Royal Hobart Hospital with second and third degree burns to the right side of his body.
“Originally they thought I would be down there for four to five weeks but the extensive skin grafts on my arms have healed really well,” he said.
“I was determined to get out of hospital and get home, I’m very glad to be back here.”
The last two weeks of rehabilitation have been testing to his body with the most part of his left leg harvested for skin.
“I’ve got a patch under my arm that’s not taken so well and needs to be dressed daily and I’m still missing my fingerprints,” he laughed.
“New skin will be added to my fingers to help rejuvenate the skin on those areas quicker and I’ve got to moisturise four to five times a day as well as stretching all the time.
Alongside the external treatment Mr Casey is eating a high protein diet which will internally help restore his skin cells, making a joke that it’s the best he’s treated his body in years!
“The hospital staff said it was probably due to the shower I took straight after the incident that helped speed along my recovery – it got the heat out of the burns quicker.”
Of being back home and the amazing community fundraisers, Mr Casey said it was a bit over-whelming really.
“This little community has really looked after me, I can’t thank everyone enough.
“I don’t really know how long until I get back to work but I’m hoping if I can get my hand right, I should be able to get up to something in three to four weeks’ time.”
In the past sixteen days the Dorset community was able to raise more than $13,000 for Marcus Casey, just another shining example of how generous rural people are.
Mr Casey will receive ongoing rehabilitation and physio for the next 12 months.