About the North-Eastern Advertiser


The North Eastern Advertiser is an independent weekly newspaper based in Scottsdale, Tasmania.
It is the only source of local news for this regional area, and carries news about federal, state and local government that is relevant to the North-East.
The Advertiser features extensive coverage of rural and agricultural issues impacting North-East producers, including the latest in cattle and lamb trends and prices, dairy issues and cropping news.
Our local sports coverage is second to none, featuring local football, netball, cricket, pacing, tennis, lawn bowls, little athletics and everything in between.
As a regional newspaper, we also provide detailed coverage of local community events, which often get overlooked by mainstream media.
Our in-depth coverage of local news is written by several local correspondents from throughout the region.
We celebrate our senior citizens through a column called ‘Town Treasures’. These feature articles delve into the life stories of older North-East residents, particularly focusing on highlights of their life so far and their experiences in the region.
We welcome contributions from community members, and our opinion page features letters to the editor on every issue imaginable.
As an icon of the North-East since 1909, the Advertiser is a must read for everyone in the North-East, and is therefore the perfect advertising platform to target residents in the region.
We distribute around 3,000 copies per week via newsagent, small retailers, supermarkets, direct mail and via the extensive network of our paper girls and boys, who sell the paper directly to households in Scottsdale and Bridport. Additionally, we have 100 digital subscribers.



Ken and Karen Hall
Local owners

Ken and Karen Hall bought the North-Eastern Advertiser in mid-2003 when it was on the verge of going into receivership. 
They couldn’t bear the thought of the community’s beloved local newspaper folding. 
The couple have been actively involved in all aspects of the North-East community for decades through the Scottsdale Football Clubs, North-Eastern Pacing Club, Scottsdale Netball Club and more recently Dorset Renewable Industries.
Family is also a big aspect of Ken and Karen’s life and they are well-known for their Sunday night family dinners where their five children and 10 grandchildren come together.
Ken can often be seen delivering papers around the North-East on a Wednesday and Karen works in the office on Tuesdays.
They also run a successful timber harvesting business, KC & KN Hall Pty Ltd, and have been farmers together for close to 40 years. 
Karen has previously owned a hair dressing business locally for 30 years as well.
“We are both passionate about employing local people and the flow on benefits that brings to the wider community.”
“Seeing the North-East thrive for future generations is one of our aims, we are pleased to continue our growth with the strong support of our newspaper team and our family.”
In almost 15 years of owning the North-Eastern Advertiser, Ken and Karen have kept the business afloat during some rough times and want to thank the North-East region and its wonderful people for their continued support.

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