Turning lids into prosthetic limbs


• Scottsdale Shoe Shop owner Cynthia Summers has volunteered her business as a collection point for lids and bread tags, along with the Scottsdale Art Gallery Cafe.

By Daisy Baker
July 31, 2019

Have you ever wished there was something more you could do with plastic bottle lids and bread tags instead of sending them to landfill?
Now you can, and several local businesses have nominated to be collection points for a project putting the items to good use.
After reading about a Canberra family turning plastic bottle tops into prosthetic hands and arms for children, Scottsdale Shoe Shop owner Cynthia Summers wanted to get involved.
“First off I shared this story on my Facebook page and it just went crazy so I volunteered to be a collection point for anyone who wants to drop off their milk lids or bread clips for donation,” she said.
“Until now I’ve been rinsing the milk container to recycle and putting the lid in the bin so I think this is a great project because the more you can reuse the better.
“This is a little change that can make a big difference not just to the environment but to the lives of the kids who will receive these prosthetic hands and arms.”
Victorian charity Envision uses 3D printing software to transform the plastic bottle lids into prosthetic aids.
Once a substantial amount of lids have been collected, they will be delivered to the Envision depot in Invermay.
Several local businesses and schools have already come on board the project, offering their lids and bread clips for donation.
Rinsed number two or four lids from milk, soft drink or water bottles can be dropped off at the Scottsdale Shoe Shop or the Scottsdale Art Gallery Cafe, along with plastic bread tags (collected separately).
Please do not include lids that are dirty, pop up lids, those on Vegemite jars, coffee pods, wine bottle lids or plastic rings and inserts.
Visit Lids4Kids – Tasmania Facebook page for more information about the project and how you can get involved.