New Bridport road open for use


• Dorset Council Director of Works and Infrastructure Dwaine Griffin, with council worker Daniel Smythe and Mayor Greg Howard.

By Taylor Clyne,
April 17, 2019

A PROJECT decades making is officially open to the public after the Dorset Council unveil their new 2.8km Western Access Road in Bridport last night.
Opening slightly ahead of time, the road will grant a second access into the seaside township and work to remove heavy traffic from the main street.
Mayor Howard said it will also provide an alternate exit in the event of an emergency and a shorter trip to Launceston.
“It’s exciting to see the road open; this is the result of a $1.94M grant from the federal government and a $1M grant from the state government, with the remainder of about $2M provided by the Dorset Council,” he said.
This is the first large new road that the Dorset Council have built with their own staff, providing a great opportunity for local employees to gain valuable experience.
“The intersection on George Town Road and the first few 100m including the bridge was constructed by Gradco with the remaining 2.4km built by Dorset Council’s own construction crew,” Mayor Howard said.
“Its excellent to be able to see a project through like this in house.”
The opening of the road will take place this Thursday night, April 18.
At the current time the road is gravel with the intention that traffic driving on it over winter will help roll the road in before a final seal takes place in October this year.
The speed limit will be 60 km/h when opened until it is sealed in October, after which it will be 80km/h.