Devils create some magic


• Craig Jones and Andrew Brown battle for possession as Rovers defenders Hall, Davis, Blackwell and Devils’ Mehki await the outcome.

By Tracy Brown
July 17, 2019

A blistery icy wind greeted players for Saturday’s hockey match between Devils and Rovers. Devils were keen to overcome their first loss with a win and started firing balls early in the match.
Andrew Brown, Theresa Hall and Kylie Blackwell had their hands full, deflecting several shots at goal within the first few minutes.
Huge kick outs from Blackwell stopped those sneaky shots getting through.
Cassandra Lowery, Phil Knight and Lachie McNeven were strong through the middle talking to each other and directing fluid passes; a key to getting the ball within range. Craig Jones passed to Lowery, who flicked to Katrina Knight for the first goal of the day.
Rovers’ defenders were working overtime as the Devils continued their onslaught forward. Gerry Loosmore made a great save but the resultant ball connected with the knee of Ange Knight who had to be carried from the field for treatment.
Craig Jones sent a beautifully timed ball straight to the stick of McNeven, and it was Devils 2-0.
Hall, Brown and Davis worked furiously as balls kept flying their way, and at half time they’d managed to keep the Devils to two goals.
Devils changed their team positions, with defenders swapping roles and ends. Knight returned to the field while Tom Hughes and Natasha Hughes continue to improve each week.
Jemma Artis scored her first goal of the day after switching positions. This was quickly followed by another. Balls kept flying forward but Hall and Brown kept sending them back out.
Rovers found conversions difficult as players weren’t in their positions to receive the ball.
Laura Hill worked hard to get the ball down to scoring distance tussling with Ben Williams and Lowery which resulted in a penalty corner. The penalty was subsequently turned over to a Devils ball as players broke ranks a little early.
Artis scored again for the Devils, as blue shirts converged on the scoring circle, but once again when balls were sent out there was no one to pass them to. Rovers sorely missed their middle runners and hitters Davenport, James and Haywood, lacking the speed to go from end to end quickly.
Devils continued their push. Artis having a fantastic half scored her fourth goal, and McNeven followed with his second. Despite their best efforts on the day the Rovers remained scoreless. Their defence was spectacular and they kept the score low, compared to what it may have been. Six successive shots at goal were sent back out as Devils attempted to get their eighth for the day.
On Saturdays from 11-noon junior skills training is held. As we are a Good Sports accredited body we would like to remind visiting sports teams to curb language around the area. Recently there have been disturbances towards the hockey field and players.