Check your speed!


• The 60km/h area near the Ellesmere Cemetery has been extended as part of speed limit changes throughout Dorset.

By Daisy Baker
July 10, 2019

Dorset Council has rolled out several new speed limit signs throughout the region, in line with community requests.
The Department of State Growth approved the speed limit changes in Bridport, Scottsdale, Derby and Winnaleah after Council conducted community consultation.
Mayor Greg Howard said the changes are in the interest of public safety and at the request of residents.
Travelling towards Bridport from Scottsdale, the 60km/h area has been extended by 200 metres, past the cemetery entrance, where it becomes 80km/h.
The 100km/h zone now starts past Burnside Road.
“Coming in to Scottsdale near the cemetery we’ve installed an 80km zone before it changes to 60 that wasn’t there before, which is appropriate considering the amount traffic coming in and out of the cemetery,” Mayor Howard said.
In Bridport’s main street, the 50km/h sign has moved from near the Police Station to outside the backpackers, before Elizabeth Street, due to the amount of foot traffic in the area.
Several new ‘60km area’ signs have also been installed along Port Hills and Sandy Points Roads.
Winnaleah Road is now 80km/h from the Tasman Highway entrance and the 60km/h signs have been moved 200m metres east of the existing signs.
Travelling towards Winnaleah, the 50km/h zone in Derby has also been extended by 150 metres and the sign is now placed on the opposite side of the Cascade River.
Be sure to keep an eye out for the speed limit changes as you’re travelling through the district and always drive to the conditions.