Casey’s word of caution


• Marcus Casey is recovering in the Royal Hobart Hospital from second and third degree burns to his body after an accident on Sunday afternoon.

By Daisy Baker,
August 07, 2019

Scottsdale man Marcus Casey has warned people about the dangers of using accelerants to start a fire, after receiving serious burns on Sunday afternoon.
Mr Casey is now in the Royal Hobart Hospital receiving treatment for second and third degree burns to 12 per cent of his body.
He said he was burning off some rubbish behind his shed when things took a turn for the worse.
“I threw some fuel onto the fire to get it going and there must have been a bucket with water in there that I didn’t know about which exploded then turned back on me,” he said.
“I urge people to always be careful when they’re using anything like that.
“I’ve been doing it for years and getting away with it but it only takes one slip up to change everything.
“Always be careful, accidents like this can happen easily. I was lucky, it could have been much worse.”
Mr Casey said he was working with his sleeves rolled up and he has burns from his fingertips, up his right arm, neck and head.
“It basically degloved my hand and whole arm, from the wrist to elbow there is no skin,” he said.
“The fire went up into my armpit making it difficult to get my shirt off.”
He also has burns to parts of his head, ear and shoulder.
After 20 or so minutes trying to cool the burns in the shower, the ambulance arrived.
He was then transferred to Royal Hobart Hospital via the rescue helicopter.
Mr Casey said he will be hospitalised for the next two to three weeks and will have an ongoing process of skin grafts and physio for the next 12 months.
Family friend Mel Morice has set up a Go Fund Me page to help the Caseys with the associated costs of living away from home.
There are donation tins at local businesses including the Teazed salon.
The Teazed staff will also be hosting a cake stall or business morning tea in the next few weeks.