Elaborate $25K bike theft in Derby


• Thieves raided Evolution Biking in Derby on Wednesday June 11 at 5.32am.

By Taylor Clyne
June 13, 2019

More than $25,000 worth of mountain bikes and merchandise were stolen from Evolution Biking in Derby’s main street yesterday morning in what looks to be an organised crime.
The elaborate theft took place at 5.32am after the perpetrators worked for nearly forty-five minutes to break the shop front locks.
Once inside, the thieves took just four minutes to complete the act, loading the items into a white 2WD Mitsubishi Triton ute.
Evolution Biking owner Ben Jones said after watching his CCTV footage it was clear the offenders had been in store before to ‘scope out’ the place.
“They knew what they were going for, they even went behind the counter to try and pull out the cameras and they took my drone,” he said.
“Two of our E mountain bikes were stolen and another brand, one of them was a 2020 model which has just been released, the bikes alone retail for $25,000.”
After speaking with other business owners Ben said a fellow Launceston bike shop had thieves in the same vehicle try and break into their store last week but were unsuccessful.
“It’s obviously someone who is targeting bike shops that knows what a large amount of money they could potentially make in a short time.”
“I don’t believe it’s a reflection on the area, we are proud of our town and feel comfortable to leave our bikes here – mountain bikers respect other people’s gear because they know how much it costs,” Ben said.
Watching the footage, you can see one of the thieves return to the store to retrieve a charger for the E bike before jumping back in the ute and speeding off in the Scottsdale direction.
“They only stole one charger and they don’t have the keys for the bikes so you’d hope if a mountain biker was going to buy them, they would flag something.
Constable Chadwick from the Derby Police Station is continuing the investigation and said he is keen to hear from anyone with further information.
“There was another burglary nearby on the same night that is obviously related.”
“Anyone with more information to help progress these cases are asked to get in touch.”
As for Ben he said they would keep doing what they’re doing with the hope that the items are recovered.
“We will install additional high-quality cameras in-store, but it would be nice to see some type of surveillance installed on the main street to record number plates considering the high value of items sitting in Derby.”
Anyone with information are asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.
The community are asked to keep their eyes peeled for:
2020 Trek Powerfly LT9.7 G2 (18).
2019 Trek Powerfly LT9 (19.5)
2019 Trek Fuel EX 8 (18.5)
Police report number: 615251.