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Taylor Clyne

Taylor is proud to work for a thriving locally owned newspaper that has been the backbone of the North-East community for more than 100 years.

Taylor’s heart lies in all facets of the media world and she believes her bubbly and adaptable personality suits the fast-paced nature of the industry.

Taylor began her career at The Examiner Newspaper, then moved into radio with Chilli and LAFM. While working there she met a North-East farmer and decided he was ‘the one’ so she uprooted her life to work at this wonderful country newspaper and live on his farm.

Taylor loves the people that she works with, the special North-East community and the diversity of her role.
“In what other job could I be a political writer, community news journalist, fashion columnist, sports reporter, horse racing whizz, agriculture writer, human interest reporter and health blogger all in the same week?!” she laughed.

“Every day I get excited to listen to and share people’s achievements, heartache, issues or goals. I believe everybody has a story to tell, you’ve just got to spend some time and listen.”


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Daisy Baker
North-East News Reporter

Daisy joined the team as a news reporter in September 2016, after writing for the paper on a casual basis for several months.

She is in her final year of a Bachelor of Media at the University of Tasmania, majoring in News and Journalism.

Having grown up in Northern Tasmania, the 20-year-old now lives between Bridport and Launceston.

Daisy has a passion for writing about community issues, arts and culture.

She particularly enjoys writing the ‘Town Treasures’ features and learning about the lives of some of the North-East’s most seasoned residents.

“From a young age I was set on a career in journalism and have written for numerous publications over the past six years including Fuse magazine, The Examiner and the UTas student magazine, Togatus,” she said.

“I’ve love the diversity of the stories I get to cover working at The Advertiser, and the opportunity to meet so many great people throughout the North-East.”


Ebony Styles

Ebony started working in administration at the North-Eastern Advertiser in 2004.

She left to start a family in 2009 but returned to her role in 2014 when the newspaper underwent a restructure.

She works on a casual basis and covers everything from accounts, advertising and subscriptions, right through to commercial printing, payroll and general administration tasks.

Born and bred in Scottsdale, Ebony said she enjoys engaging with the community while working for a family owned business.

“This role allows me to have flexibility in work and family life,” she said.

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April Underhill

With a passion for design, April joined our team in early 2017.

Her main roles include designing the advertisements and the layout for our weekly newspaper, as well as commercial printing and archiving.

She is also our resident IT guru, helping out with technology troubleshooting.  

Earlier this year, April freshened up the Advertiser, redesigning the newspaper and brand elements.

The 20-year-old has a Diploma of Graphic Design through Billy Blue College of Design which she completed in 2017.